"Her lyrics are at once thought-provoking and humorous, poetic and passionate. The emphasis is on rootsy, blues-influenced music that showcases her four-octave powerhouse voice."

—Philadelphia Inquirer

"Williams brings superhuman reserves of energy to her shows, at times holding notes longer than anyone thought possible."

—New York Daily News

"One of the best singers and songwriters I have heard in any genre. Betʼs energy, talent and charisma defy description."

—Dave Leonhard WDST/Radio Woodstock

"Her music tells tales and creates scenes like a stage curtain thatʼs just been lifted... Williamsʼ songs reach deep into the soul.“

—Rockpile Magazine

"Bet is a fearless vocalist who can sing with the high fragility that is commonly associated with beautiful voices but she also squeaks, squacks and growls."

—City Paper Philadelphia

"Williams has a wonderful voice. Very powerful and expressive."

—Washington Post

"Williams has a fantastic voice. She is able to completely floor down an audience just by singing a few notes.“

—Dirty Linen

"Williams has been rightly compared to Loreena McKinnitt and Tori Amos for both the sheer beauty of her instrument and the passion with which she sings."

—Sing Out! Magazine

"A tall willowy blonde took the stage and the crowd became instant Bet Williams fans. She takes away the facade and it’s more of a conversation between the singer and her audience."

—Vanderbilt Hustler


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