We are thrilled that you may want to host a concert with Epiphany 3!

The Band: John Hodian, Bet Williams and Jack Hodian

The Band: John Hodian, Bet Williams and Jack Hodian

We will be on tour in America in Spring 2017 - the lovely month of May - and in Europe in June and July 2017.

How It Works

There are 2 ways to host a concert. If you, or someone you know, has the space (a room that will seat at least 35 people or more) you can have the concert at your place. We will bring everything we need including a small sound system. Or... if you are a venue or have a connection to a local music venue and can arrange for us to play there, we can go a more traditional route provided certain conditions are met. Just to give an idea of venue possibilities, on the last tour we played at a vineyard, several theaters, some art centers, 2 churches, a lumber yard, a variety of living rooms, a porch and in a swimming pool.

A few things you should consider before deciding to host a concert

Hosting a concert is a lot of fun and is a great way to combine a social occasion with music. It's a cross between a concert and a small party and is perfect for sharing music you love with your friends. The idea is that you invite as many of your friends and family as is comfortable, offer some refreshments (anything from small snacks to a full buffet or maybe a pot luck?) and we play for an hour or two (usually two 45 minute sets) and then have a small gathering afterwards.

An ideal size for a house concert is between 35-100 people. Do you think you can get at least 35 people to attend? Usually this is not a problem but “promotion” will be one of your main concerns as host. How will you let people know about the concert? Facebook is an ideal medium for getting the word out, but email, telephone calls and enthusiastic word of mouth are important too. 

We have posters and an easily customize-able email invitation that you can use. Just put in the date and your contact information and email it to as many of your friends as you'd like. It contains links to our website where people can see and hear the band. The invitation has a place to R.S.V.P. so you have some idea of how many people will be attending. This way you will know how much more “advertising” you need to do to draw a crowd. 

Some Other Things To Think About

We are not loud (no heavy bass, no electric guitar) but we will be making some sound. Make sure we will be in a space that your neighbors either won’t hear or won’t mind. Best idea is to invite them!

Will there be chairs for everyone? Some people don’t mind sitting on the floor but not everybody is able or willing to “get down”.

Decide whether children are allowed. On the one hand we love children and love playing for them, on the other hand too many children (of a certain age and certain disposition) can be a distraction. We don’t have a firm policy on this at all, it is just something to consider. 

We will need a couple of hours before the concert to set-up and do a “sound check”. 

We will need a place to stay for the night. We are not too picky and are fine staying in your home or the home of one of your guests. If neither of those options are possible, perhaps you can help us make arrangements at a local hotel.

What day do you want to host the house concert? Most people want to have a house concert on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday since that's when they have free time and expect to get a better turn out. However we will only be in America for a few weeks and there are only so many weekends to go around. Plus, people often have other obligations for those days, so consider having your house concert on an “off” day (Monday-Thursday).

We love to play and would probably do it for free, but it is also how we make our living. We recommend a suggested donation between $15 to $25. This should be put on your invitation so people know what to expect. You can let people know that all proceeds will go directly to the artist. Another idea is to just hire us outright and then offer the concert for free if you are in a position to do that. 

So that’s it. If you're interested or if there's anything you want to discuss just email us.

Let us know a good time to talk and we can arrange a phone conversation.

Let’s talk soon!

Bet, John and Jack Hodian

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