MONDAY, APRIL 21 • 7:00PM  (Lecture/Performance 4:00)

Warren Wilson College Presbyterian Church

701 Warren Wilson Road, Swannanoa, NC 28778

For more information contact: nlantis@warren-wilson.edu

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From ancient monasteries in Armenia to music festivals in France, Germany & Switzerland, Bet Williams and John Hodian have been creating and performing music together for over 20 years. With both the globe trotting world music ensemble “Epiphany Project” and the alt-rock-pop-blues based “Bet Williams Band” the music these two artists create is a vast quilt of influences and inspirations.

The duo (originally from New York) settled in Berlin 5 years ago where they have built a cult following throughout Europe. Now Bet and John will be bringing music from both their bands to venues all across America for a series of intimate concerts. This American tour is particularly special as they will be performing with their 10 year old son Jack, on drums and percussion.

 With influences ranging from Qawwali devotional songs to Appalachian Folk, acoustic blues and Tuvan throat singing, singer/songwriter Bet Williams uses her voice in an endless number of unusual ways. John Hodian’s piano playing features haunting melodies and intricate rhythms that reflect his Armenian roots, his formal composition training and a love for improvisation. 

Epiphany Project has been described as, “a unique hybrid of world music, art song, Americana and avant-garde folk; utterly ‘uncategorizable’ but always transcendently beautiful.” by the Washington Post. Their music is a blend of ancient and modern cultures and musical styles, but the earthy, trance-like rhythms and chant melodies make it seem strangely familiar.

Bet Williams is a fearless vocalist and dynamic performer whose music combines intelligent lyrics and infectious hooks. She has been lauded as “a blues-roots, new folk, tone poet with a highly charismatic stage presence and an astonishing four-octave range voice.” by National Public Radio.  With a gift for storytelling and spontaneous humor, her stage performances can go from the profound and poetic to wild and spontaneous, at times bordering on performance art.