A trio with its roots in world music, art song, Americana, improvisation, rock and folk.

Epiphany 3 (The Family Circus Band) performs "GONE" live in Hamburg, Germany.

March 2018
1. März • Goslar
2. März • Bad Oldesloe
3. März • Bad Salzungen
4. März • Parchim
7. März • Küps
8. März • TBA
9. März • Hunsrück
10. März • Plauen
11. März • Meißen (mehr Infos: 03521 7190338)

USA July 2018
DE/CE/FR November 2018

Epiphany 3 (The Family Circus) performs »The Poet and the Revolution« in Armenia.

Performing »Bolore Kes« live in Hamburg, Germany.

Performing »We Geography« live in Hamburg, Germany.

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Telephone: +49 152 04 13 1894
or + 212 724 6862

"Composer John Hodian plays evocative melodies and intricate rhythms on the piano that reflect his Armenian roots, his classical training and a love of improvisation. Bet Williams sings, breathes, shouts, whispers and cries with her 4- octave-range voice. On percussion, their 14-year-old son Jack Hodian possesses a keen sense of rhythm unparalleled by most adult drummers."
- Hamburg Abendblatt

From ancient monasteries in Armenia to music festivals in France, Germany & Switzerland, Bet Williams and John Hodian have been creating and performing music together for over 20 years. With the globe trotting world music ensemble “Epiphany Project”, the alt-rock-pop-blues based “Bet Williams Band”  and the Armenian oriented "Naghash Ensemble", the music these two artists create is a vast quilt of influences and inspirations. As "Epiphany 3" John and Bet perform with their 14 year old son, Jack, an exceptional drummer and percussionist.

Williams' astonishing 4 octave range voice and Hodians’  impassioned piano improvisations are uniquely combined in this trio.

With influences ranging from Qawwali devotional songs to Appalachian Folk, acoustic blues and Tuvan throat singing, singer/songwriter Bet Williams uses her voice in an endless number of ways. John Hodian’s piano playing features haunting melodies and intricate rhythms that reflect his Armenian roots, his formal composition training and a love of improvisation. Together their music is a blend of ancient and modern cultures and musical styles, but the earthy, sometimes trance-like rhythms and chant melodies make it seem strangely familiar. 

Epiphany Project – a unique and profoundly moving hybrid of world music, art song, Americana, and avant-garde folk

Described as, "a unique hybrid of world music, art song, Americana and avant-garde folk; utterly uncategorizable but always transcendentally beautiful,” by the Washington Post, Epiphany Project’s music is a blend of ancient and modern cultures and musical styles, with earthy, trance-like rhythms and chant-like melodies that make it seem strangely familiar.

Bet Williams Band – highly charismatic blues-roots, rock and new folk

As anyone who has seen her live can attest, Bet Williams is a fearless vocalist and performer. Her songs straddle rock, blues, pop, and folk while her four octave voice soars above it all or whispers from below.

The Naghash Ensemble – Songs of Exile

Epiphany 3 not only performs songs of Epiphany Project and Bet Williams Band, but they have also created adaptations of John Hodian's magnus opus "Songs of Exile" written for The Naghash Ensemble of Armenia. These pieces combine the earthy spirituality of Armenian folk song, new classical music, contemporary post-minimalism and the energy of rock and jazz. 

The Family Circus Band is now "Epiphany 3"
(Circus Band wasn't cool enough for our teenage drummer).

“Playing music with my family is my favorite way to perform,” says Williams about the project. “When we’re on the road traveling from town to town, meeting people and making music wherever we land, it’s a great adventure."

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